Bandstand used by Chad Przybylski, c. 1980-2003Alongside cheese, beer and brats, the polka might be one of the most readily recognized Wisconsin icons. In fact, in 1993 the polka was declared the official state dance. For more than a decade before the polka received this recognition, Chad Przybylski (born 1967) and his band did their own part to help perpetuate the Wisconsin tradition.

Przybylski and his band began performing polka music in his hometown of Pulaski, Wisconsin around 1980. Przybylski commissioned this wooden stand from a local artist to both advertise the band during shows as well as provide a resting spot for items like sheet music and drinks during their performances. The bandstand’s many scratches and stains document the hundreds of shows performed by Przybylski and his bandmates.

This story was edited and adapted from AGH’s original Curators’ Favorites article, January 2008. 


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