Chippewa Valley Museum

Based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, the Chippewa Valley Museum works to discover, collect, preserve, and interpret the history and culture of the Chippewa Valley and its people. The Chippewa Valley Museum hosts Wisconsin 101 workshops and is working on forthcoming contributions to our online exhibit of object histories.

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Based in Egg Harbor in Door County, Wisconsin, the Egg Harbor Historical Society works to make Egg Harbor’s past come alive for visitors and residents. The Society brings together several independent local efforts to preserve and collect local history.  Their work focuses on preserving photographs and documents, written historical narratives, art, structures and even video presentations.

Founded in 1949, the Ephraim Historical Foundation preserves and fosters preservation of historical monuments, buildings, structures, sites, documents, and artifacts in Door County. The Foundation also fosters development and support of cultural and civic services including libraries, art, historical museums, and education within the village of Ephraim and the surrounding community. Ephraim Historical Foundation serves on Wisconsin 101’s editorial board.

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Operating out of Appleton, Wisconsin, the History Museum at the Castle inspires appreciation for the rich history of the Fox River Valley area communities through its collections, exhibits and educational programs. The History Museum hosts Wisconsin 101 workshops and is working on forthcoming contributions to our online exhibit of object histories.

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The Hoard Historical Museum collects, preserves, and shares the history of the Fort Atkinson area and Jefferson County, from its earliest inhabitants to the present day. The museum hosts Wisconsin 101 events.

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A program of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation, Jewish Museum Milwaukee is dedicated to preserving and presenting the history of the Jewish people in southeastern Wisconsin and celebrating the continuum of Jewish heritage and culture. The Jewish Museum serves on Wisconsin 101’s editorial board, hosts Wisconsin 101 workshops, and is contributing a forthcoming object history to our online exhibit.

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The Langlade County Historical Society preserves, advances, and shares the history of Langlade County through museum programming, its collections of local historical artifacts and archives, and historic sites on its museum campus. The Civilian Conservation Corps Pillow Sham and Vulcan Bowling Pin appear in Wisconsin 101’s online exhibit courtesy of the Langlade County Historical Society. The Society also hopes to make more submissions in the future.

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The Marathon County Historical Society provides opportunities for people to “connect” with the past to discover something about their own history and where they live. We help people learn about their own connection with the community as well as its historic roots, and how the past played a role in who they are today. We accomplish this through education, preservation, research, experiences, and entertainment. The Employers Mutual Audiometer and Fromm Fox Fur Coat appear in Wisconsin 101’s exhibit courtesy of the Marathon County Historical Society.

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The Milwaukee County Historical Society was founded in 1935 to collect, preserve and make available materials relating to the history of the Milwaukee community. Through a broad range of activities, the Historical Society seeks to recognize and preserve Milwaukee County’s local history. The 1904 Piano and Song Recital Poster appears in Wisconsin 101’s online exhibit courtesy of the Milwaukee County Historical Society.

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The Neville Public Museum of Brown County is an accredited cultural institution that champions history, science and art. Located in downtown Green Bay, Wisconsin, the museum is dedicated to the collection and preservation of significant objects relevant to Northeast Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The museum seeks to bridge these multi-generational regional communities through engaging exhibits and dynamic programming. The Le Maire Sundial appears in Wisconsin 101’s online exhibit courtesy of the Neville Public Museum.

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Founded in 1948 to preserve and interpret Rock County history, the Rock County Historical Society (RCHS) is composed of six historic sites, five of which are currently located on a 3.25 acre site in Janesville, Wisconsin. The RCHS is the gateway for all to discover Rock County’ s rich past through thought-provoking programming, historical research, and one-of-a-kind historic sites. The RCHS hosts Wisconsin 101 events and is working on forthcoming contributions to our online exhibit of object histories.

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The Superior Public Museums operate three historical sites in the city of Superior, Wisconsin.  Among these sites is the SS Meteor Museum, the only above-water whaleback ship. The SS Meteor is profiled appears in Wisconsin 101’s online exhibit courtesy of the Superior  Public Museums.

The Washington County Historical society operates two museums and one historic site that together preserve the history of Washington County. Over 30,000 artifacts are part of the society’s varied collections, telling the story of a county that harmoniously blended industry with rural living. The West Bend aluminum Penguin Server appears in Wisconsin 101’s online exhibit courtesy of the Washington County Historical Society.

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The Whitefish Bay Historical Society is dedicated to researching and preserving the history of the Village of Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin. Its collection of documents, pictures and other artifacts inspires research and educational programming and serves as the institutional memory for the village. The Cassel Soda Bottle appears in Wisconsin 101’s online exhibit courtesy of the Whitefish Bay Historical Society.

The historic Wilson Place Mansion was the home of Captain William Wilson, founder of both the town of Menomonie and of Knapp, Stout & Company, once  the worlds largest white pine lumber business. Today the home is the Wilson Place Museum, and provides a glimpse into the lives of Wilson and his descendants in each of the house’s three major periods. A guided tour of the museum provides visitors with a more detailed history of the home and its three generations of Wilsons. The Wilson Place Door appears in Wisconsin 101’s online exhibit courtesy of the Wilson Place Museum.

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The Wisconsin Historical Society (WHS) is Wisconsin 101’s primary partner organization. As one of the largest historical societies anywhere in the country, the WHS maintains important connections with dozens of local history organizations and museums spread across the state. The Society’s library and archives contain over 4 million items concerning Wisconsin and North American history. The Society also maintains eleven historic sites across the state, as well as the Wisconsin Historical Museum, based in Madison, Wisconsin. Through its library and archives, museum and historic sites, and preservation activities, the Wisconsin Historical Society is a premier public history institution offering rich educational opportunities through exhibits, tours, and other programming. The WHS serves on Wisconsin 101’s editorial board, hosts Wisconsin 101 events, and has contributed several object histories to our online exhibit.

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Wisconsin Life celebrates what makes Wisconsin unique through the diverse stories of its people. Produced by Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Television, the show’s award-winning producers travel the state in search of stories that are humorous, surprising, emotional, and thought-provoking. Wisconsin Life partners with Wisconsin 101 to produce object histories for air on WPR and serves on the Wisconsin 101 editorial board.

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The Wisconsin Veterans Museum is an educational activity of the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs to commemorate, acknowledge, and affirm the role of Wisconsin citizens in American military history, past and present. Many of the rich images of Old Abe, the Live War Eagle appear in Wisconsin 101’s online exhibit courtesy of the Wisconsin Veterans Museum.

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