Wisconsin Life, “Here’s the scoop on Babcock ice cream history”, August 5, 2019.

“When you see a carton of ice cream from Babcock Hall Dairy Plant, it’s not particularly flashy. It’s red, white, and black. Bucky Badger appears next to a sticker that tells you the flavor — maybe its Blue Moon, Orange Custard Chocolate Chip, or Vanilla…”

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Exponent, “Wisconsin 101,” February 8, 2018.

“On Jan. 31 in Dobson Hall, Tom Broman of the Wisconsin Historical Society from University of Wisconsin-Madison, came and presented to history students about a project he and his partner Sara Tahl, a professor of Japanese History at UW-Madison, have been working on called “Wisconsin 101: Our History in Objects…”

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Door County Pulse, “Door County Bookmobile Added to Wisconsin 101 Project List.” January 18, 2018.

“We are very excited about this new designation as we continue restoration of the Bookmobile,” said Myles Dannhausen Sr., president of the Egg Harbor Historical Society. “Once restored, we will take history on the move with the Bookmobile and share the stories of our past through exhibits, artifacts and programs…”

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Wisconsin Public Radio’s Central Time, “Latest Science News, Wisconsin 101, Trump And The Dairy Industry,” June 13, 2016

Check out our interview on Wisconsin Public Radio’s Central TimeThe segment begins at the 15-minute mark.

Alyssa Skiba, “Wisconsin 101: Our History in Objects,” Peninsula Pulse, June 3-10, 2016

Consider the stories a bowling pin from Antigo’s Vulcan Corporation might have to tell. While the average person might think in terms of the confines of a single bowling alley, another might consider its role in Wisconsin’s lumber industry, Milwaukee’s former title as “The Bowling Capital of America,” and Japan’s mid-20th century bowling boom.

At least that’s what the folks at the Wisconsin 101 project are hoping to inspire with their statewide collaborative public history project exploring the interconnected histories of Wisconsin-made objects…

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University Place, “Wisconsin 101: Our History in Objects,” October 19, 2015.

“Thomas Broman, Professor, History of Science Department, UW-Madison, and Sergio González, Graduate Student, Department of History, UW-Madison, introduce a collaborative public history project which shares a community’s interesting or important objects through an interactive website…”

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