Brad Steinmetz is a retired teacher who lives in La Farge.  He has an avid interest in local history and has written three books – a two volume history of La Farge and a book on the La Farge Dam Project.

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A picture of the Kickapoo Valley Reserve dam tower showing a concrete tower rising nearly 100 feet above a grassy lawn

OBJECT HISTORY: A Dam Tower in the Kickapoo Valley Reserve

This concrete obelisk stands near the Kickapoo River and is located a mile north of the village of La Farge. It rises nearly a hundred feet above the river valley floor. The tower was constructed more than forty years ago as part of a federal flood control project.

a thumbnail image of Thunderbird petroglyphs

Wisconsin's Ancient History in the Kickapoo Valley

If you look closely, the landscapes around us tell stories about the past. Because people have called Wisconsin home for roughly 12,000 years, in some parts of the state the landscape can tell very old stories. The rocks and cliffs in the Kickapoo Valley, for instance, tell stories about Wisconsin’s ancient as well as recent past.