What is a Related Story?

When proposing an object for WI101 to profile, it helps to give us a sense of what histories you think this object might be related to. In your proposal, please write a brief description of one or two related stories. These descriptions should be no more than 100 words. When the object history gets written, each related story becomes a post connected to this object.

Related stories might be about how the object was used or made, about the people who made or used it, or about how it influenced some key event in Wisconsin history. Please refer back to the “object histories” section for guidance, or feel free to email us with questions. Ideally, your stories will connect the particular, specific details of your object with the broader history of our state.

For each related story, please list at least three relevant primary or secondary sources. Although historians often emphasize the importance of primary sources, don’t forget that secondary sources offer valuable insight and context for making your story appeal to readers from across Wisconsin.