The “Superfine” beer bottle is from the 1940/1950s from the Marathon City Brewing Company. Superfine was one of the many labels produced by Marathon City Brewery over eight decades from 1881 to 1966, featuring names such as Tannenbaum, Marathon Holiday, Marathon Bock, and Little Willy. The beer was originally served in a brown glass bottle, although there was a brief period when the Marathon Brewery used green glass bottles that were more popular with consumers. After 1966, the beer ceased being made. In 2009, a new brewery, Bull Falls Brewery, resumed the production of Superfine Beer after they discovered a 1954 brewer’s log book from Marathon City Brewing that contained the original recipe.

Label submitted to the state of Wisconsin for trademark registration. “Superfine Marathon Beer, Marathon City Brewing Company.” In the foreground of the image is a Native American in a full headdress, holding a bow. In the background is a landscape scene, 1939. Courtesy of the Wisconsin Historical Society, Image ID 90913.

Written by Megan Schaefer, August 2021. 


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