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  • Esterly Harvesting Machinery Company

    Industry and Manufacturing in the Whitewater Area

    Since the earliest settlers arrived in the Whitewater area in the 1830s, industry and manufacturing have played important roles in the establishment and continued growth of the area. One of the earliest industries in Whitewater …

  • Publicity photo of Fonzie (Henry Winkler) and Richie (Ron Howard) from Happy Days.

    Happy Days and 1950s Sentimentality

    The television show Happy Days helped contribute to a nostalgia for sentimental 1950s culture that lasted throughout the 1970s.

  • Portrait of Chief Kahquados

    Chief Kahquados

    Chief Simon Onanguisse Kahquados was the last hereditary descendant in a long line of Potawatomi chiefs, his family being one of the oldest known Potawatomi inhabitants of Wisconsin. An engaging speaker, Kahquados often served as an interpreter and provided a wealth of information to the Wisconsin Historical Society regarding traditional Potawatomi culture and history.

  • Feed Grinder with corn colettes coming out

    The Flakall Corporation

    In Beloit, Clair Mathews, Earl Baker, Clarence Shwebke, and Harry Adams formed the Flakall Corporation in 1933. Flakall would go on to patent several machine designs used in the production of snack foods - the most famous being the Korn Kurl.

  • Korn Kurl bag from a 1949 advertisement

    From Cow Feed to Korn Kurl

    By the mid-1930s, the Flakall Corporation was trying to build up a customer base for its machine, a version of the feed grinder initially designed and built by Clair Mathews. But, as it turned out, the machine would end up being more useful for snack food manufacturers than farmers.

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