Cassel Soda Bottle

This soda bottle was sold by the Cassel Soda Company in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, in the early 1900s. Conrad Cassel owned and managed the company from 1897-1917. The company, along with other Wisconsin soda companies during that time, made carbonated water, a beverage that would gain special significance during Prohibition. The Cassel Soda Company sold its soda to Whitefish Bay residents and the Whitefish Bay Pabst Resort. The Cassel Soda Company and Pabst Resort were some of the earliest businesses north of Milwaukee in the early 20th century and played an important role in urbanizing the region.

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cassel bottle soda
Cassel Soda Bottle

Object photograph by Elkin Gonzalez.

Object courtesy of the Whitefish Bay Historical Society.

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Object history created October 2014.